Message from the AIMSE President

November 15, 2019

Are you thinking of joining AIMSE?

Are you considering attending an upcoming conference or regional event?

My advice:



For over 40 years, AIMSE has been the only organization in existence that is expressly designed by Institutional Investment Marketers for Institutional Investment Marketers.

Do you want tailored programming that will elevate your practices, provide you with skills and knowledge that will help you and your firm win more business?  Then you should: Join. Attend.

Every year AIMSE provides its members access to over 200 plan sponsors, consultants and other allocators. Do you want access to these key decision makers?  Do you want to learn from the insights as they generously share their time with AIMSE?  Do you want to better understand their needs and expectations? Then you should: Join. Attend.

As professionals, we carry an obligation to support the growth efforts of our respective firms. Unfortunately, today’s marketplace presents too few resources and too few opportunities that support our own professional development. The cornerstone of AIMSE is to provide professional development support that is unmatched in the industry.  Do you want to learn from experienced and highly successful marketers? Do you want to enhance your abilities through coaching sessions from industry experts? Then you should: Join. Attend.

Our industry is constantly evolving and changing.  As a result, some of these changes present challenges for our firms and those challenges can often appear daunting. AIMSE provides you with a forum for ideation and innovation to overcome challenges presented by these evolving trends.  Together, we will help you build a more resilient business. Does becoming more creative and resilient appeal to you? Then you should: Join. Attend.

It is an incredible honor to serve as the president of AIMSE. For each reason stated above, and more, I have been fortunate to enjoy a successful career as an investment sales professional. I am so very glad that over 20 years ago I decided:  To Join.  To Attend.  It is my hope you will do the same.


Michael Gillis
AIMSE President